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Silicon Washing Gloves (Pair)


Wash Your Cars, Dishes, Pans, Fruits & More! 
An All-In-One, Invincible Washing Gloves

  • DISHWASHING GLOVES: Long and thick silicone bristles have high flexibility and slip resistance which can produce more foam. Lightweight gloves can quickly clean dishes, saving time and effort.

  • CLEANS EVERY SPACE: The gloves has the ability to clean cracks and small spaces in between objects. Its long bristles gives it more reach and more cleaning capability so any dish that you wash is 100% cleaned!
  • WIDESPREAD USE: The gloves can be used in almost anything cleaning. From kitchen wares to washing your dogs and even using it for a car wash! Ultra flexible use and easy to clean so you can use it on anything.

  • GLOVE HOOKS: The Multi-Functional Silicon Washing Gloves has an available tiny holes on the further bottom. The hooks gives it the ability to dry faster and save space for storage.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The gloves can be cleaned from sterilization and it is also dishwasher safe, so not so much time can be wasted for cleaning this pair.
  • DURABLE AND DESIGNED TO LAST: Tear and break resistant for years to come. Design to be worn while doing the toughest house hold cleaning jobs. Spark Joy silicone scrubber gloves have longevity than others, can be used several years.
Product Specification:
  • Material: Silicone 100% 
  • Weight: 0.22kg
  • Size: Length 35.7cm// Width 16cm// Thickness 2.6cm 
  • Color: Grey, Pink, Light Green

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